Returns & Refund Guarantee

Returns & Refund is a guarantee provided by sellers for every product we sell on When you receive a product that was bought and paid for on our site, and you find it is not as described or not the same as the picture you can contact the seller or our customer care to resolve these problems (according to our set of returns Policy). You will then be able to request a full refund and return the item, or keep the item and agree to a partial refund with the seller.

Returns not available of the following situations:

A1.  An item you claim is not as described, but the seller can prove that it is.

A2.  Items are as described, but you no longer want them (unless the seller offers Easy Returns)

A3.  Items cannot be exchanged or returned for Size problem.

A4.  COLOR DIFFERENCE: As we all know, the different computers or mobile display colors differently, the color of the actual item may vary slightly from the following images.

A5. The shipping durations quoted above are norms. Above 95% of our shipments meet these durations. Delays caused by unforeseeable factors such as bad weather, customs clearance are beyond the control of Babuee and its shipping partners. Please take note that we don’t guarantee the delivery date for any shipping methods. The ETA stated above is a guideline for these shipping methods under smooth customs clearance. There will be no compensations for delivery later than ETA. Customers will be fully responsible if such sensitive items are confiscated or retained by importing or exporting country customs. In this case, we are not able to offer you an easy return or refund.

Conditions for Submitting Refund Requests:

B1.  You have submitted refund requests up to 3 days after your order has been completed.

B2.  The product must include the original tags, user manual, warranty cards, freebies, and accessories

C1.  The product must be returned in the original and undamaged manufacturer packaging/box.

How can I return an item:

You have to submit the return form first and wait for our email or call from our return and refund team. Once we agree to take return the item then you need to book the product with original packaging and you order details (Ordered date, Name, Phone number, order Number) in below address and send it to Mirpur 10 Sundarban Courier Service – (+8801644069962)

NOTE: Please read our policy carefully before submitting the form, we will accept your submission according to our policy.