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Shipping from China to Bangladesh

What is Ship For Me?

``Ship For Me`` is an International Logistic Service that provides the service of consolidating customer's goods acquired in (many parts of) China and transporting them across borders to another overseas destination.
After acquiring the goods in China, the customer shall send them to a pre-determined BABUEE Warehouse Address in China. Our operator shall repack the parcels according to requirements to ensure safety, protection, and cost-effectiveness.
The customer shall be informed when the parcels are consolidated. Once we received confirmation from the customer, the consolidated parcel shall be transported to the destination and delivered to the doorstep of the address.
There is no additional cost for the above-mentioned services provided. Customers only pay our very economy international freight charges.

How to use Ship For Me?


Send purchased items to BABUEE warehouse


Submit new orders


Orders arrived at BABUEE warehouse



Why choose us?

1. "0" service charge

All basic operations are free without additional fees. You only pay our very economy international freight charges without any extra charge.

2. Receiving Small Parcel facility

We can receive your small and single parcel and repack them to a master package and send to your doorstep in Bangladesh.

3. Live tracking system

As babuee’s warehouse use a fully automated system so you can get a full report about the current status of your parcel.

4. Free Re-packing Service

Babuee’s free repacking service can save you unnecessary international shipping costs by reducing the size or unnecessary weight of the package.

Re-packing the items also ensures that items are packed securely and adequately to reduce possibilities of damage during shipment.

5. Free storage for up to 45 days

Babuee offers 45 days of storage service without charge.

You can have more time to slowly consolidate your purchases in China. No more missing out on good offers and promotions when you shop in a hurry!

Shipping cost
TAKA 780 For upto 10 KG
Delivery time by air: 6 - 9 days
Shipping cost
TAKA 750 For upto 30 KG
Delivery time by air: 6 - 9 days
Shipping cost
TAKA 700 For upto 100 KG
Delivery time by air: 6 - 9 days
Shipping cost
TAKA 680 For upto 1000 KG
Delivery time by air: 6 - 9 days